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Sizegenetics Extender: What you Need to Know

The average male penis is 5.5 to 6 inches, the average socially acceptable size is 7 – 9 inches with the 8 inch to the 12-inch range being something to brag about. Most women prefer a thicker, straighter and longer penis. On average, the ideal penis is between 7.5-8+ inches in Length and 6 to 6.5 inches in Girth. Do you measure up?

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Huffington Post recently did a survey among their female readership and the ideal penis size averages out to approximately 8 inches and 6 in girth. Read the article here.

Learning how to enlarge the size of your penis can be a long and often disappointing venture, with so many pills, pumps, and other products that claim to deliver extra inches and fail. In truth it’s been proven that pills do not work, they can increase blood flow (which can be beneficial in conjunction with the right tool) and pumps and waits can cause irreversible damage leaving you impotent. Natural penis enlargement is the only safe way to go. It’s the best way to enlarge your penis by several inches. 

There is a solution that is guaranteed to add up to 3 inches on your manhood, boosting self-confidence, satisfying your partner and giving the bigger fuller penis you have always wanted (safely and naturally). See how here

This is how to make your dick bigger: Use Size Genetics to increase the size of your penis by 3 inches:

SizeGenetics is the only penis enlargement device that has been medically approved and tested in studies recognized by the Health Board and FDA. It is guaranteed o add inches and correct curvatures of the penis. For documentation see here.

How big will you get?

Enter your starting measurement and the length of time using the extender. Note: this calculator is based on averages from hundreds of men, some guys will achieve faster results, especially when using the full system. These averages on based on the lowest common denominator.

SizeGenetics Calculator

Enter values to calculate your estimated results.
Calculations based on our average growth rate with the traction device ONLY. Adding the PenisHealth exercises will help you gain faster, more noticeable results.

5 Irrefutable Reasons  to Choose SizeGenetics for Your Penis Enlargement

This is why I choose to use this system to meet my PE goals:

  1. Fully certified and medically approved by multiple health agencies around the world (including Canada, the USA, UK, and EU).
  2. Well published clinical studies have been conducted that all back up their claim.  The device has been proven to effectively (and more importantly safely) add inches.
  3. You’ll notice size gains 100 times faster compared to other less effective PE methods like manual penis enlargement exercises.
  4. I liked that it had been reviewed by a number of media sources. I didn’t have to rely solely on the medical documentation, others had taken upon themselves to review it and share their findings with the rest of the world. A great example is the Channel 4 report with reporter Tim Shaw. He proved it works incredibly well.
  5. What finally convinced me personally was the 6 month no questions asked money back guarantee.  You can see results quickly when you use this device properly so it was reassuring that the company stood by their promise.  It was perfect I could solve my issues with my penis size and I didn’t have to worry about being ripped off.  Win-win situation.

The Only Universally Endorsed Penis Enlargement Device:

Due to the immense success and popularity of Size Genetics system, it has received praise and recognition from major media groups such as the BBC and as GQ Magazine.

Key media endorsement include:

enlarge my penis
Seen and tested on Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty (in the UK) reporter Tim Shaw did an investigation into penis enlargement methods and using the Size Genetics device he gained 1/2 inch on his penis in just 2 weeks. See for Yourself Here

enlarge penis naturally
The SizeGenetics device also made an impact on the famous BBC’s Friday Night hosted by Jonathon Ross with guest Ewan Mcgregor. Jonathon Ross refers to it as “the Rolls Royce of penis enlargement”. Watch it Here.

GQ Magazine tested the SizeGenetics natural penis enlargement device and it was herald as a huge success by GQ reviewer James Mulligan.

how to enlarge your penis

How it Works:

The SizeGenetics device is guaranteed, medically approved and endorsed around the world and can get you a larger, harder and stronger penis.

Though the penis is a fairly complex organ, the most important part to understand in terms of penile enlargement is the area known as the Corpora Cavernosa (a spongy tissue surrounding the interior of the penis which that fills with blood during arousal) and with the use of the SG device you can safely increase its size allowing for a longer thicker penis. More on How it Works

how penis enlargement works

Why SizeGenetics ?

doctor approved penis enlargement

Clinically proven, medical type 1 enlargement device. Doctors everywhere agree that SizeGenetics™ is the most effective penis enlargement solution delivering Fast, Safe, Natural and Permanent Results. ONLY available HERE


2. Guaranteed and Proven to increase your penis length and girth. This is more than just talk, this product works and as a way of letting you know, it works it comes with a No obligation 6 MONTH MONEY BACK ASSURANCE.

Value! With the purchase of SizeGenetics, you can be assured that you are purchasing a reputable ,
quality product. It has been manufactured to the highest possible standards and each one has been tested for quality assurance. You receive:

how can I enlarge my penis
Unique comfort mechanism
Based on over 5 years of customer feedback, the new comfort mechanism allows you to wear the device with ease throughout the day. This comfort mechanism is unique to SizeGenetics™ , what is the point in owning a device if it’s too uncomfortable to wear? This comfort add-on is priceless.

safe ways to enlarge your penis

Secrecy lock and key:
If you do not want your wife, grandparents, cleaner, kids, dogs, airport security or girlfriend to find your device then this privacy feature will be a welcome addition! It is quite hard to explain away a device but pretty easy to explain away a leather box.

enlarge your penis

Spare Parts:
Once you start noticing that your penis is hanging lower and your erection is bigger than ever before you won’t want to stop using the device! Our device comes with spare parts so when you grow the device can grow with you. Do not enlarge your penis to over 9 inches due to sexual discomfort.

Instructional DVD – 3D demo on using your device
Travel case – Never be a
day without your device.
Leather casing – Elegant, leather finished case.

Are You Ready to enlarge your penis? Order your SizeGenetics™ system Now
(Free PenisHealth, Free EBOOKS, clinically proven to work)

You also Receive:

PenisHealth™male enhancement DVD and Online Access

how can I enlarge my penis I want to enlarge my penis

Use Penis Health To:

– Last Longer During Sex – Get Rock Hard Erections – Speed up your gains – Learn new techniques

Still Not Convinced?

real penis enlargement

There are over 50,000 Happy customers all talking about the huge gains that they have achieved through SizeGenetics safe natural penis enlargement system.

See for Yourself RIGHT NOW at the SizeGenetics testimonial page! and Find out how you can get your Size Genetics FREE!

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The Truth About Getting a Bigger Penis

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Getting a Bigger PenisGetting a Bigger Penis

There are different penis enlargement methods, and they are popular now for reasons that may be vague for some. One of the most popular and controversial methods are the use of penile extenders. The number of men buying penile extending devices is growing, and many men are becoming satisfied with these products. Then again, some people remain dubious and are afraid to try the products, for the thought of having the penis extended inspires horror in some men. The idea of stretching the penile tissue may be dreadful, but it’s not probably as dreadful as some men think. With the right device and the proper technique, penile stretching can be successful.

Traction is the mechanism that drives the entire penile stretching process. The devices work by using the process of traction. It may sound frightening to stretch the penile tissue. Indeed, when done the wrong way, penis extension through mechanical devices can lead to undesirable outcomes. What many of these doubters do not know is that the penis is not stretched dramatically. Horrid imaginations of overstretching the penis are far from what traction devices are doing. A penile extension is not done to pull the penile tissue at once until the desired length is achieved+this is ridiculous and very dangerous.

Penile devices work by gently stretching the penile tissue. It is done so gently that men who try it do not feel any pain. As long as the stretching device is used properly, there should be no discomfort and pain. High-quality extending devices can be adjusted to fit the needs and comfort of the user.

The process of traction should be easy to understand. When you apply gentle stretching to your phallus, the tissues will tear, but the torn tissues are too small to be noticed or felt. The sites of the tear will go through the healing process by addition of more tissue. Little by little, this will cause gradual lengthening of the penis. With a good penis extender, you should achieve your desired penile length after some time. Keep in mind that the increase in length is a gradual process+it doesn’t happen overnight. And remember, just because it doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean it’s a scam. You have to have patience and commitment.

Some devices and penile extenders are not entirely safe. If you look at any traction device, you will notice the part that would be placed around the glans (the head of the penis). This portion either looks like a loop or a strap, depending on the type of the extender. According to many users, it is safe to use the strap type, because the loop type can cause discomfort. This is why it is important that you know how to use the device properly. See my SizeGenetics review for more info on how to use it, along with pro tips.

At the same time, it is important for men who are interested in buying these products to seek information about penile enlargement techniques. Make sure you opt for safe procedures. Not all penile enlargement techniques work, and some are even dangerous. If you plan to purchase a penis extender, read about the product. Know what it does and read testimonials about it.

Preoccupation with increasing penis size has become prevalent due to media influence. Many men who want to have their penises lengthened have been influenced by heavy pornographic viewing and envying pornographic actors with big endowments. Many experts think that as long as your thing is at least 3 inches long, you should not think of having it extended in any way.

Penis Devices, Which are the Best

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penis enlargement The Best Penis Extenders Exposed

If you really want the real score on penis extenders, then here is the deal. Surgical procedures are the biggest no-no’s especially if you consider the prohibitive charges per procedure and the low success rates. Strong medications, alternative medicines, and herbal remedies work on a hit-or-miss basis. This means that the oral medications may be suitable for a small group of people only, and results still vary in frequency and intensity per individual. Some gadgets used as penis extenders do work, but only for a short time. Gadgets like penile pumps can be used prior to sexual activity, but do not really have any enduringly positive results. So if you want penis extenders that work on a more permanent basis, your best bet would be to subscribe to recommendable penile exercises from Penis Healths (you get a free copy when you buy SizeGenetics).

Side note: Learn how to increase your penis girth.

The best thing about these exercises as penis extenders is that the person has the liberty to control the exercises as he sees fit. Depending upon the program that person subscribes to, and the number of man-hours he dedicates to the program, the organ in question can lengthen by about 2 to 4 inches in a very short period of time. In some cases, girth is also increased, as well as the ability to stay in the erection stage for the longest time possible. Additionally, most of the steps used for these exercises can be viewed and downloaded for free over the World Wide Web. So that is a bonus for people who are concerned with spending too much money on procedures that may not work for them.

Most of the modern day exercises that are also used as penis extenders are actually different variations of age-old techniques like jelqing and milking. The basic principle goes: the person takes his semi-erect organ and slowly massages it using downward, front-pulling or upward strokes. During this process, three things are essential: clean parts, clean hands, and lubrication. This is to ensure that the skin of the organ in question is not compromised and that possible infection caused by friction will not set in. The motion used should be slow enough to allow the organ to stretch and eventually expand. Blood is usually pushed to in this direction allowing the male reproductive organ to become engorged.

However, it is essential that the person strokes gently and slowly. When the person strokes too hard, there is a huge possibility that the blood vessels in that area will burst from the abrading movements. This damages the muscles and may be grounds for erectile dysfunction or ED. The key is to allow the muscles to fill in with blood slowly, allowing the body to acclimatize to the changes. In the same vein, stroking too fast often leads to premature ejaculation, making the entire exercise a futile endeavor. See other natural penis enlargement methods.

However, experts in the field are recommending that instead of focusing only on penile exercises only, a person should be looking into a healthy sexual performance as well. After all, length is not the only factor that should be considered here. Some experts are recommending the use of Kegel exercises and the regular taking of supplements as part of the program. The bottom line here is that: the only guarantee that a person will gain the preferred results is to make an informed choice as to what kind of program he wishes to subscribe to. The most natural solutions are always best – and it is quite easy to compare different programs now by simply comparing product rating over the World Wide Web.

Size Does MatterYes! Of Course it Does – How To Enlarge Your Penis With Penis Extenders

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women talk about men's penis sizeSize Does Matter, Yes! Of Course, it Does!

The world of penis extenders has been very popular over the years. Many different products have surfaced on the market. The reason for this is because penis extenders really can work for any man who wants to get a better size going.

The penis enlargement process can start by making sure that your penis is appropriately ready for the task at hand. The penis should be completely dry so it can actually get into the extender. It should also be slightly erect for the best results. It only needs to be halfway erect just to get it to utilize the extended well enough.

The penis must be inserted into the extender at the base of the unit. A ring should be used at the base as a means of creating support. The ring must also be fastened around the body of the penis after it is inserted there.

Meanwhile, a second ring should be used on the extended at the end part of the penis. This ring should be used on the head and made to be relatively flexible in design. A ring made with a soft and flexible silicone material should help you out. It’s particularly important to do this considering the potential for erectile tissues to act up.

A good foam or cushion material may be used on one side of the extender. This should be made to create a comfortable spot that the penis can be used on while it is being enlarged.

You can then increase penis size by getting the penis pulled up by the fabric at the bottom of the extension device. This should help you to stretch out some tissues in the area. It also adds to the ability of the penis’ tissues to handle the stresses that might come onto it during sex.

You can then use a tension knob on the extender for penis enlargement purposes. This can be used to help with creating some pressure that will encourage the penis to be stretched out by a bit. This should keep the area capable of expanding to where it might support the development of new cells in the area. These new cells can help you to get a larger penis size if you stick with the plan over time.

The timing for using an extender can take a while but it can be worth it if you stick with a god plan for using it. You should use this for about one to two hours a day at the start. This can then work for about three to six hours in a day once your penis starts to get used to it. Also, this can work with about one to three hours in between extension sessions so the area can keep from feeling more stress than what is necessary.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have a day off from using it every four to five days. This should help you to allow the penis to recover from the wear that might come from using an extender for a while.

Also, it helps to make sure that you keep it from being too tight on the body. Anything that is too tight might prove to be painful and might cause you to tear some tissues in the penile area if you aren’t careful enough. You should not feel too much pressure when getting it to run well enough for you.

The key to this process is that it works well to physically handle the penis without risking injury. It does not involve the use of weights. It doesn’t require any medications that might create dramatic changes to your body if it does not respond to it the right way.

You should still make sure that the extender that you are using is on a flat surface so it can work properly. The cushioning at the bottom of the extender should help make it comfortable. The key is to keep your penis capable of moving outward while still being left intact without any curves developing. It’s a part of how to enlarge penis tissues that you need to take seriously.

The use of penis extenders is a great consideration for you to think about. You should see how easy it can be just to get one of these items available for your needs to increase penis size without any serious risks.

Effective Devices To Supercharge Your Confidence

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dr-john-smeteFinding The Most Effective Devices To Supercharge Your Confidence

Nearly all the adult men think that it’s the end of the world when they can’t get themselves plus their partner fulfilled in bed. When you are going through problems with a penile bend, you could possibly find probably the very best ways on easy methods to securely resolve this type of concern, you should look for the most effective penis extenders obtainable out there.

You’ll find a lot of methods that you could be the desire to consider when it is the matter of discovering the very best penis enhancers available. It may be difficult for you to find the most effective amongst the rest but you definitely need to carry out a little research and read reviews to assure yourself that what you will be purchasing is one which is not only dependable to implement but can unquestionably assist you with your penile issues.

The question is, how will you manage to find penis extenders that you can surely count on at times it is the matter of relieving your abnormalities with your male organ? The very first thing that you need to have in mind is that you should be buying a gadget that is being certified by all those medical experts themselves. From there you might reassure yourself that the gadget is tested to deliver enhancements plus progress to the outlook of the male organ.

It is crucial that you read opinions, testimonials as well as everything which speaks in regards to the device itself, as a result, you will possess more information on what advantages you can obtain from using these male organ enhancers. It is necessary to understand what you’ll be making use of prior to paying cash for any product, a little study will surely assist you may choose what enhancer should be best for you.

Apart from all these penis extenders, you may also examine some other methods at the time it relates to male organ enlargements, for example, ordinary improvement strategies, male organ surgery, extension drugs, penis pumps, plus male organ workouts. You can attempt some of the strategies by the way you should consult specialists for these.

The first thing that may appear to the mind would be the security and effectiveness of the gadget. To ensure that the thing you will be purchasing is up to the price of your precious time, energy and funds you should accomplish your own research about the potential choices which you might consider and analyze the pros and cons you’ll be able to get from it.

Penis Enlargement Methods In Review And How to Use Penis Extenders

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Penis Enlargement Methods In Review And How to Use Penis Extenders Penis Enlargement Methods In Review And How to Use Penis Extenders And Stretchers For Safer Gains

Penis enlargement is one of the most fiercely debated issues in medical circles these days. Some say that this is because of the widespread advertising of penile enlargement devices while some think that medical science has indeed improved on age-old solutions for increasing the size of the male genital. In this piece of information, some well-known penis enlargement methods have been reviewed.

A suitable option for buffs who want to increase the length of their penis is to apply the method of penis stretching. Penis extenders or stretchers are tools which are generally used to stretch and enhance the size and width of the penis over a small period of time (usually months). Even though this technique takes up time, it has shown to be the most successful instrument when it comes to penis elongation. In actuality, below are some of the advantages of using penis extenders +

1.Enduring effects Many other penile enlargement methods such as the use of OTC pills and patches commonly induces penis enlargements which are temporary in reality. There are visual gains but these effects disappear over a period of time which makes these herbal pills and patches look as a waste of time, effort and money. On the other hand, the results which are produced by penis extending tools are known to be everlasting in nature and the effects that these tools generate is as much as 25% increase in the length.

2.Negligible side effects + The use of medical tablets puts the consumer at the risk of harmful side effects. These side effects could also produce severe reactions in the body which might leave the penis ineffective perpetually! Even in penile surgery, the risks are high when weighed together with the results achieved. Match penis stretching to both these procedures and you can see a clear winner, again.

3.Convenient to utilize + The combining of technology to such stretching instruments has led to much ease in their handling. Primarily, they have become much handy, so much so that wearers have passed unnoticed even in tiny crowds. Nowadays, the penis extenders are created keeping in mind the safety and ease of use for the customer’s clients finally leading to a high-quality product in the end.

Another viable preference which is also looked upon with immense interest is penile surgery. These days, surgery unquestionably enlarges the size of the penis as it works by separating interior ligaments. But still, penile surgery comes with its own book of shortcomings explicitly price and the high-risk factor. Penis surgery is way more costly than buying a penis stretching device. Some patients who had in the past undergone surgery revealed about after effects such as flaccid erections, untimely ejaculations, and even erectile dysfunction in some cases. You can kiss goodbye to all these issues with a penis extender which not only improves the size but also the firmness of the penis.

A penis stretcher is designed using the occurrence of cell multiplication which means a feature of cells to mechanically generate more cells when gaps arise amid tissues. Constant pulling of the penis thus tends to increase the number of cells in the penile tissues. This implies increased blood flow to the penis and ultimately, a longer penis.

How The Theory Of Penis Enlargement Works

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how to make your penis biggerHow Theory Of Penis Extenders Works

Kind of a follow up to last months how penis extenders work.

Manhood is generally dictated by their size; although it isn’t important in the carnal pleasures; a person still expects their penile to be big. For that reason, men get involved in various methods for carrying out surgical procedures for the penis enhancement. But this poses some danger, making many others think of different ways on how to make their penis bigger. With the need, experts have come up with penis extender that is more natural technique and free from surgical procedure danger.

Penis extenders are products supported with clinical tests and designs in such a manner that can help to grow the organ in a specified timeline. The innovation was actually dated during ancient age but was made in modern days; it has got a base and two elongation bars that help to expand the penis size. Penis extenders then hold the glands penis or the head and then help increase the shaft. It functions by boosting the tension which will have an impact on the cells as it divides helping reduce the tension the product brings. It can give good results by growing an inch to 4 inches over months. They are one of the penis enlargement methods available.

What are the benefits of the product? So what is the edge of wearing penis extenders above some other techniques? To answer this question and cut down skepticism, there are various details and advantages that SizeGeentics penis extenders have over taking drugs or undergoing surgical operations. It provides- The comfort strap which gives very good benefit with the device. Penis extenders are meant to be worn for 5 to 8 hours that could be uncomfortable in case there are more activities that need to be done. Further to that, other devices may dislodge causing great uneasy sensation to men. The straps are mostly composed of silicone so it does not add pressure to the penile area and minimize allergic reaction in the groin area with the extender.

– As opposed to other devices, the penis extender permanently helps with enhancing the penis because the device stretched the man’s sexual organ, particularly if continually used or worn.

– Before launching the product officially, penis extenders have been researched and supported with clinical concepts to avoid complications and sexual organ complications:

– It remains hidden and fits very well with jeans and another outfit. The product is highly discreet and not seen or even spotted by other individuals.- It is simple to use and wear. The guide is basic and easy to understand.- The device is safe to use. It will not hurt any man and this is normally pain-free when used. Actually, some men express that putting on the penis extenders help them feel a small satisfaction- It adds to the power of penile erection when you are performing coitus giving the companion a better sex life.

– The product has 95% approval rate from men that have tried it. According to these people, they could strongly read the growth in their penis when it comes to length and thickness. This then leads to a more confident man and gives much more satisfaction.

For more read my review of the SizeGenetics system.

How Penis Extenders Work to Increase Your Size

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Penis extenders are devices for penis enlargement, which rely on traction in order to stretch your penis to the extent where it will be much longer and also thicker. You probably have heard all about the theory of traction as it dates back in history to the African tribes of Paduang, which used it for quite a few centuries. (more…)

Homemade Penis Extender

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Homemade Penis Extender

If you are one of those gentlemen who’re experiencing issues when it comes to their dinks, then you are almost certainly trying to find options with the problems which most males themselves do not know how you can solve. If your very own problem has to do with straightening your own penis, then you almost certainly would want to search for an option to solve the issue. If that can be possible, then you definitely certainly have by now encounter homemade penis extenders built to help you solve this kind of issue, did you? (more…)

Getting Your Facts Straight About Penis Enlargement

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Getting Your Facts Straight About Penis Enlargement

Getting Your Facts Straight About Penis Extenders

You have heard about it (especially if you’ve been on this site before), thought about it, but before buying SizeGenetics, get to know it better. Trust us, it’ll do you good to know how it works.

Many men are not very happy with the length of their penis. So, a lot of men go through a lot of different procedures to increase the size of their manhood. One of the methods used in lengthening it is a penis extender. (more…)

Classification Of Different Penis Extenders

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Classification Of Different Penis Extenders

There are many ways one can increase their penis size: phalloplasty (surgery), massage techniques (jelqing), pills, weights or penis extenders. Each system uses a different technique and comes with some risk associated with their technique. Some risks include disrupting the normal functions of the penis, aesthetic damage to the penis through deformation, long-term health complications etc. Others are virtually risk-free, such as the proven and effective penile extender. What makes the penis extender so effective is the scientifically calibrated controlled tension system that exerts minute pressure, pinpointing the desired location to stimulate radical cellular division, resulting in safe, quick penis enlargement. These devices will not interfere with the normal functions of the penis and are 100% safe to use. There are 2 types of devices that distinguish the technology, a flat strap support, and a comfort pad support piece. (more…)

A Healthy Penis Is A Happy Penis

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A Healthy Penis Is A Happy Penis

Maintaining a healthy penis is vital for men who want to enjoy all of the pleasure that their prize possession can provide, but surprisingly few men really know what their power tool needs to stay healthy. Adequate penis care is needed to keep the manhood in top form, with all of the following working in harmony to keep the blood flowing and the nerves sending their signals of pleasure to the brain. (more…)

Avoid Making Expensive Mistakes – What You Should Be Looking For In Penis Device Reviews

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Avoid Making Expensive Mistakes – What You Should Be Looking For In Penis Device Reviews

Are you looking for penis enlargement methods? If so, you have probably seen more than one penis extender or device, pump, pill or exercise review. So what should you be looking for in these reviews? What can you do with all this information you gathered? (more…)

Are Penis Devices Like SizeGenetics a Reliable Male Enhancement Solution?

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Are Penis Devices Like SizeGenetics a Reliable Male Enhancement Solution?

When it comes to finding the most appropriate male improvement item for your body, penis extenders are unquestionably an option that must never ever be overlooked. If you would like to know more about how such items can assist you to see some severe progress with respect to the quality of your sexual life you are invited to check out the following details and pieces of guidance. In the end, you will never feel disappointed with the outcomes obtained and your sexual partner will certainly appreciate this change. (more…)

Male Sexual Confidence and Its Importance

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Male Sexual Confidence and Its Importance

Leading a normal and healthy sexual life is very much essential for both our mind and body. When things go normally, your life also goes normally. When this important aspect of life is not fulfilled satisfactorily, troubles are bound to start. For both men and women, a healthy relation is essential to live peacefully. The relation between a man and woman reaches its heights when they satisfy each other in bed. The male usually assumes more responsibility in bed. The importance of male sexual confidence in bed counts a lot when it comes to satisfying her. (more…)

A Few Guidelines On Using Penis Extenders

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A Few Guidelines On Using Penis Extenders

Guys are always going crazy about having an enlarged penis, as they associate the dimension of their penis with their manliness. 75% men want a long, thicker penis, as well as which in many cases, is not feasible without applying the right strategies. A penis extender is a common gadget utilized for penis augmentation. It is a medicated phone, used on the penis with the sole purpose of offering a constant extending pressure. The penis extenders are light evaluated, worn when the penis is in a flaccid state. (more…)

Penis Enlarger

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Penis Enlarger

What guy wouldn’t want a larger penis?  Face it, penis enlargement is on the mind of nearly every man on the planet.  So how do you go about getting a bigger penis?   And what penis enlarge methods actually work?  Find out below. (more…)

Wife Wants a Bigger Penis

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Wife Wants a Bigger Penis

So your wife wants a bigger penis. What are you going to do, most women say they would never admit it, but they prefer a man with decent manhood.  Realizing that you don’t measuring up can, well, suck; there is however, a lot you can do to increase the size of your penis and give her something that will leave her begging for more. (more…)

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis

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How to Increase the Size of Your Penis

The length of your penis both flaccid and erect can either make you look like a man or chipmunk. Many men are uncomfortable in locker room situations because of their short comings and often develop increasing insecurities as time goes on.  Let’s face it, the size of your penis matters and most guys would opt in for a larger manlier looking penis if given the choice. (more…)

Healthy Penis

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Healthy Penis

What is a Healthy Penis?  Over the next few months we’re going to be answering some of frequently asked questions regarding penis health.  Stay tuned.

Let’s start with the most basic question:

What is a good healthy organ and How to keep my penis healthy? (more…)

Top 1% of Penis Size

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Top 1% of Penis Size

Over 18156 men over the age of 18 took part in a series of online surveys from a verity of sources in conjunction with the participation of the medical community and their surveys to determine the average penis size from the top 1 % of penis size down.  The results are below, but it’s safe to say that the mean is 6.16 (inches) for length and a disappointing 4.8 inches in circumference AKA: girth/thickness.  The results indicate that sadly approximately  only 1% of men  have a penis size over 7.5/7.75 to 8 inches and 6 to 7 in girth.  Men over 8.25 to 9 find themselves in the top spot of 0.08 percent of the male population. (more…)

Women Talk About Penis Size

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Women Talk About Penis Size

If you think for second that women don’t compare and Judge Yours and other men’s penis size think again.  Women are as, if not, more sexual than men and are turned on or off by how a man looks when the clothes come off. (more…)

Does Penis Size Matter

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Does Penis Size Matter

Does penis size matter and if it does than what is the perfect or best penis size?  In the eternal debate of “Size Matters” there are three factors to look at: 1) Social views at large 2) What You think of your manhood 3) what your partner Really thinks about it. (more…)

Increase Penis Girth

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Increase Penis Girth

How to Naturally Increase Penis Girth:

Studies may vary slightly from country to country, however the overall North American consensus is that the average fully grown mans penis is 4.85 – 5 inch in girth (circumference) when erect. (more…)

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

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Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

It is entirely possible to increase the size of the male penis using natural and safe penis enlargement techniques. Before beginning it is important to have realistic expectations, don’t expect to enlarge your penis to 10 inches if all you’re starting with is 5.  On average it has been proven that you may see gains of 3 inches in length and the same in girth using the right and medically proven techniques. (more…)

Is Size Genetics a Scam

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Is Size Genetics a Scam

Is SizeGenetics a Scam? That’s a fair question when you’re about to drop a few hundred dollars on a device that seems too good to be true. Typically most men that come across Size Genetics have tried some other kind of system or pills, pumps etc; and have no doubt been disappointed with the lack of results. (more…)