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Me SizeGeneticsReviews.ca is a Canadian based website run by me (Mike). I started using SizeGenetics back late 2009. I was a below average 5 inches in length and 4.75 inches in girth.  I started off by using it every now and then, I guess ultimately I did really think it’d do very much.  It wasn’t until mid 2010 that I picked it up and thought that because I spent money on it I should probably us the freaking thing.  I used it consistently for a month and half and grew a solid inch.  As most of you guys can image I was gobsmacked. I had gone from 5 inches to 6 and 5 inches in girth.   I continued using it for about 4 hours a day for about a year until 2012.  I had gained a total of 3 inches and a bit and about 2 inches in girth.  My dick is over 8 inches when measured from the base (side measurement) and a little over 6 in girth.  I stopped using it regularly and haven’t lost an inch.  That’s way I started this site to give other guys that were feeling down on their size the chance to change it. It’s made a massive difference in my personal life and esteem.

Here’s the proof:

We pride ourselves on providing a variety of products for people who wish to improve and develop. Without these products a large number of Permenda’s customers would simply have to face purchasing from a less reputable company who do not sell complete solutions.

About SizeGenetics:

The SizeGenetics™ web site retails the clinically proven penis enlargement tension based device, the product is a classified medical type one device and is endorsed by doctors all around the world. This product is proven to work and can help to enlarge your penis length and girth.

Permenda Ltd are one of the leading retailers of this product and also boast many advantages over other companies including unrivaled customer support, refund policies and fantastic distribution.

SizeGenetics™ has been around since July 2004, the product was brought to the market when customers were requesting that Lativio would stock this type of product to accompany the other solutions they had already purchased.

Before launching the web site Permenda invested a lot of time and resources in making sure that firstly the product worked, it was clinically proven, it was safe and user friendly, and finally it was the best solution on the market.

Fast forwarding to the current day Permenda have become one of the market leaders in supplying clinically proven penis enlargement products and this product is no exception.

The product became so popular we have now extended the product range to include PenisHealth™ membership alongside the device, now you can make the most of both tension based methods.

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