Classification Of Different Penis Extenders

There are many ways one can increase their penis size: phalloplasty (surgery), massage techniques (jelqing), pills, weights or penis extenders. Each system uses a different technique and comes with some risk associated with their technique. Some risks include disrupting the normal functions of the penis, aesthetic damage to the penis through deformation, long-term health complications etc. Others are virtually risk-free, such as the proven and effective penile extender. What makes the penis extender so effective is the scientifically calibrated controlled tension system that exerts minute pressure, pinpointing the desired location to stimulate radical cellular division, resulting in safe, quick penis enlargement. These devices will not interfere with the normal functions of the penis and are 100% safe to use. There are 2 types of devices that distinguish the technology, a flat strap support, and a comfort pad support piece.

Classification Of Penis Extenders

Classification Of Different Penis Extenders


Flat Straps Penis Extender + The first penis extender model incorporates the flat strap support piece. It was a thick one-inch wide plastic band, similar to a band-aid that secured the head of the penis to the extender. The type of support piece has been in circulation for over 15 years and still is incorporated by several lower penis extender companies. The type of support piece provided adequate grip for men who rarely moved around. It required men to be seated at all times and with some programs requiring 6-8 of usage, it provided a level of inconvenience that most men hated. Over the years research had begun to surface which showed the dangers of a flat strap system. The flat strap system is made from a rigid plastic which inherently has sharp edges. Because the edges are sharper, these older devices prevent mobility because when you move around the edges will dig into the sensitive skin. The last risk worth mentioning is the increased risk of bacterial infection. The rigid flat plastic strap will prevent moisture from escaping the skin. Because the device is worn under clothing and underwear, the device can prevent moisture from properly evaporating which will increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Comfort Pads Penis Extender + Comfort pads penile extenders are the newest form of devices and are the evolution of penis enlargement with an official second generation classification. Comforts are incredibly advanced as the completely eliminate the past faults of the previous generation flat strap system. With the second generation of penis extenders, the user is now completely free of any risk associated with bacterial infection. The new padding system now incorporates advanced air pockets which allow moisture to completely evaporate. The Comfort Pads have completely rounded edges which eliminate all discomfort. By having rounded edges, the device allows total freedom of movement as the pads will roll along the skin eliminating the pinching and digging associated with Flat Straps. Even newer penis extenders such as the SizeGenetics advanced traction system incorporates 2 comfort pads and 24 other comfort considerations for supreme comfort and zero chance of slippage. With advances in technology, the new second generation penile enlargers provide faster results by allowing the user to wear the system twice as long comfortably.

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