Does Penis Size Matter

Does penis size matter and if it does than what is the perfect or best penis size?  In the eternal debate of “Size Matters” there are three factors to look at: 1) Social views at large 2) What You think of your manhood 3) what your partner Really thinks about it.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Does Penis Size MatterLet’s take a closer look:


The average penis length is approximately 5.5 – 6.25 inches in length and 4.5-5.5 inches in girth….That’s small (socially speaking).   Up until recently there really wasn’t anything a man could do about his disappointing penis except try damaging exercises, “miracle herbs” that yield no results or risky and expensive surgery.  So most non endowed men went on through life, being rather sensitive about the size of their organ, always thinking that it would be so much better if it were just a little bit thicker and longer.

Your Thoughts:

If you think you may have a small penis, even if you are above average then you do.   Men that feel that they are ill equipped act that way and often come across in that fashion to both potential mates and other men, giving most small men an underdog complex.

Her Thoughts:

does the size of a penis matterWhat women consider to be the perfect penis size varies individually.  Although when asked if penis size matters most women will decline an answer or say no (it is after all the polite thing to do).  When in private or when discussing size on blogs etc women typically say that an above average penis size is preferred.   If you think about it is not only a matter of aesthetics (a well endowed man simply looks better and more of a man) but men with larger organs are physically better equipped to satisfy a women sexually.

Ultimately the answer is always Yes Size Matters.  If it didn’t we wouldn’t compare ourselves to our mates, there would be no such thing as “Penis Envy” and women wouldn’t find men with an above average endowment twice as sexually stimulating.

And Here’s the Rub:

Men with a large penis size have 47% more sexual intimacy with their partners, they are 20% more likely to get a promotion and often display a higher caliber of leadership skills. Despite the fact that there are more stats on men that are better equipped, you may ask yourself why are they more likely to get a head than a man with an inferior penis.  The answer: Self Confidence.  Men that are sure of themselves are More Attractive, know when to take risks and are More Charismatic.

what is the best penis size
Size ways heavily on the minds of men with small penis’s whether consciously or subconsciously.

So of course Penis size matters, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site.  Is there such thing as the perfect penis or the best penis?  That all depends on how you use it; but if you are self conscience about how you measure up  then take control and invest in a new you and gain the self confidence that comes with a large penis size.

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