Getting Your Facts Straight About Penis Enlargement

Getting Your Facts Straight About Penis Extenders

You have heard about it (especially if you’ve been on this site before), thought about it, but before buying SizeGenetics, get to know it better. Trust us, it’ll do you good to know how it works.

Many men are not very happy with the length of their penis. So, a lot of men go through a lot of different procedures to increase the size of their manhood. One of the methods used in lengthening it is a penis extender.

Sizegenetics reviewsSo naturally, the question arises, what exactly are they?

Here we are going to give you some information about this particular penis enlarger. What are they? How do they work? Do they even work? We would also discuss how to select the best one for you and how to use them.

The Mechanics

Generally, penis extenders are commonly referred to traction devices that are attachable to your body. They act on the principle of tug and pull. Pharmaceuticals studies have proved that efficient and positive results have come from the men who have used this. It also helps in the treatment of penile dysfunctions during erection and ejaculation. Coming to the mechanism of the appendage, on a closer look, it is actually a lightweight device that perfectly fit itself around the penis. Nowadays you would find the latest ones that can be worn under your clothes. It consists of a plastic retainer that actually fits on the base of the penis. You would find that there are two adjustable rods down in the either side of the device, and an elastic band is present that is quite flexible and fits around the head of the penis. This help to stretch the tissues of the penis, and in turns creates gaps between individual tissue cells. So, in this way, the process of stretching and recovery helps the body to lengthen it.

Getting It Right

Many men have received good results and increased their penile length up to an inch in just one to two months. However, it is best to use the appendage regularly for up to six months to get the best result… and if you do, you will likely find yourself in the top 1 % of men’s penis size. It is very important that you do not overuse the product as it could cause damage to your body. It takes some period of time for it to grow in size. So you should be patient when you begin using it, and not expect miracles to happen overnight. Very importantly, read the manufacturer’s instruction guide thoroughly and proceed with caution before you begin.

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