How to Increase the Size of Your Penis

The length of your penis both flaccid and erect can either make you look like a man or chipmunk. Many men are uncomfortable in locker room situations because of their short comings and often develop increasing insecurities as time goes on.  Let’s face it, the size of your penis matters and most guys would opt in for a larger manlier looking penis if given the choice.

Increase the Size of Your Penis

how to increase the size of your penisWhich brings us to a very important question: how to increase the size of your penis and how to increase penis length. It may be surprising to learn that though increasing penis length is delicate and has to be done 100 percent correctly, it is easily accomplished with the right tools.

Note: making the penis longer actually takes less time than increasing the girth, though both will occur naturally.

Over the years men have used outrageous and dangerous procedures to make their dicks longer.  The use of weights, pumps and surgery often lead to negative side effects and yield very little in terms of results.  Even penile surgery can only increase penis length by an inch and can cost over ten thousand.  You have to ask yourself why on earth would any guy in his right man do that to themselves and pay for it?  Especially when there is a medically guaranteed and FDA approved methods of natural penis enlargement that is a fraction of a fraction of the price and will increase penis size by 3 inches (or more with more time.  In the time it takes to recover from surgery or injury from improper exercises you could already have grown a couple inches.

Does it sound too good to be true?  It isn’t SizeGenetics utilizes a unique traction device that enables and speeds up cellular division to compensate for the precise amount of traction needed to safely and quickly lengthening the penis (note: through this process you will also increase penis girth making it thicker, on average over a 6 month period it is common to see an increase of 3-4 inches in length and 2 in girth).

Using this device will yield the results you’re looking for.  It is backed with a money back 6 month guarantee so you have nothing to worry about and you can wear it beneath clothing.  For my personal experience with the device check out our post on is sizegenetics a scam?   If you want to hear what other men are saying check out their experience here.

Even if you suffer from micro penis syndrome or a sever penis curve this device will work for.  It was, in fact, originally developed to help correct micro penis syndrome and it corrects penile curvatures up to 98%.

6 months to try it, Clinically tested and Guaranteed to Add Inches to you Penis Quickly.  Try it, you won’t look back.

Update: BBC Channel 4 did a news report on the Size Genetics system.  Check out his results (results are typical) in our customer testimonials.  You can also check our my personal results.

For more on the ideal penis size or to answer the ongoing question of: does size really matter click the links.

SizeGenetics device Review

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