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How to Naturally Increase Penis Girth:

Studies may vary slightly from country to country, however the overall North American consensus is that the average fully grown mans penis is 4.85 – 5 inch in girth (circumference) when erect.

thicker penisOn average 6-8 inches is the most desirable size for a man’s girth.   When asked most women find a thicker penis much more satisfying.

In a recent study by the University of California men with an average penile circumference of 6 – 8 inches were 47% more sexually active with their partners and demonstrated  improved self confidence over there smaller colleagues (see the top percentage of penis size here).

So the big question is how to get increase penis girth .  There are two different methods when it comes to achieving a thicker penis. I say two because it is well know that pills do not work and other ways such as: weights, pumps etc are not safe and often cause irreversible damage.

How to Make Your Penis Thicker:

1) Surgery.  There are complicated surgeries that can be done, but be warned there are many risks involved and it can be very costly.

2) The Only Medically Approved and Guaranteed method of increasing penis girth: SizeGenetics.

If you fall short when it comes to your manhood and you want to add inches to the thickness of your thinner penis, this is it. The SizeGenetics penis enlargement device!
It is the only Medically Approved and CE Certified method to safely and naturally increase penis girth.

What You Can Expect:

Results average 1.5 – 3 inches over span of 1-6 months. The amount of time you can wear the device (you can wear it under clothing and move around without problems) is a key factor in the time it takes to see unparalleled results.

When tested by a reporter for the BBC’s body make over news cast, gains of .50 of an inch were noted and proved with in the first 2 weeks of use.  You can watch the news report here.


When compared to other methods or systems on “how to increase penis girth” SizeGenetics delivers the only proven results safely and naturally (see just how it works here).  Even when compared to the only other natural penis enlargement techniques that are not a medically recommend way to change girth: Jelqing (a technique of moving blood in the hopes that the blood cells in the penis shaft will increase).  Though some forms of jelqing can help with the use of the SG device, Jelqing alone is not a fast nor guaranteed method to increase the girth of a penis.

get a thicker penis

If you want a them to gasp.  Get a Thicker, Fuller and Sexually Stimulating Penis. Click the link below and find out how it works. You can also see my personal results in my review

SizeGenetics device Review

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