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penis enlargement The Best Penis Extenders Exposed

If you really want the real score on penis extenders, then here is the deal. Surgical procedures are the biggest no-no’s especially if you consider the prohibitive charges per procedure and the low success rates. Strong medications, alternative medicines, and herbal remedies work on a hit-or-miss basis. This means that the oral medications may be suitable for a small group of people only, and results still vary in frequency and intensity per individual. Some gadgets used as penis extenders do work, but only for a short time. Gadgets like penile pumps can be used prior to sexual activity, but do not really have any enduringly positive results. So if you want penis extenders that work on a more permanent basis, your best bet would be to subscribe to recommendable penile exercises from Penis Healths (you get a free copy when you buy SizeGenetics).

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The best thing about these exercises as penis extenders is that the person has the liberty to control the exercises as he sees fit. Depending upon the program that person subscribes to, and the number of man-hours he dedicates to the program, the organ in question can lengthen by about 2 to 4 inches in a very short period of time. In some cases, girth is also increased, as well as the ability to stay in the erection stage for the longest time possible. Additionally, most of the steps used for these exercises can be viewed and downloaded for free over the World Wide Web. So that is a bonus for people who are concerned with spending too much money on procedures that may not work for them.

Most of the modern day exercises that are also used as penis extenders are actually different variations of age-old techniques like jelqing and milking. The basic principle goes: the person takes his semi-erect organ and slowly massages it using downward, front-pulling or upward strokes. During this process, three things are essential: clean parts, clean hands, and lubrication. This is to ensure that the skin of the organ in question is not compromised and that possible infection caused by friction will not set in. The motion used should be slow enough to allow the organ to stretch and eventually expand. Blood is usually pushed to in this direction allowing the male reproductive organ to become engorged.

However, it is essential that the person strokes gently and slowly. When the person strokes too hard, there is a huge possibility that the blood vessels in that area will burst from the abrading movements. This damages the muscles and may be grounds for erectile dysfunction or ED. The key is to allow the muscles to fill in with blood slowly, allowing the body to acclimatize to the changes. In the same vein, stroking too fast often leads to premature ejaculation, making the entire exercise a futile endeavor. See other natural penis enlargement methods.

However, experts in the field are recommending that instead of focusing only on penile exercises only, a person should be looking into a healthy sexual performance as well. After all, length is not the only factor that should be considered here. Some experts are recommending the use of Kegel exercises and the regular taking of supplements as part of the program. The bottom line here is that: the only guarantee that a person will gain the preferred results is to make an informed choice as to what kind of program he wishes to subscribe to. The most natural solutions are always best – and it is quite easy to compare different programs now by simply comparing product rating over the World Wide Web.

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