How Penis Extenders Work to Increase Your Size

Penis extenders are devices for penis enlargement, which rely on traction in order to stretch your penis to the extent where it will be much longer and also thicker. You probably have heard all about the theory of traction as it dates back in history to the African tribes of Paduang, which used it for quite a few centuries.

How Penis Extenders Work to Increase Your SizeHow Penis Devices Work to Increase Your Size

The tribe of Padauang did use traction in order to successfully increase their neck’s lengths. Your status in the tribe would be determined by the current length of your neck. Penis enlargers are based on the very same principle – only instead of having a long neck you will have thicker and longer penis. Nowadays, traction phalloplasty (known also as penile surgery) is used as a medical term for continuous pressure which is carefully calibrated and applied in order to help for the healing of a patient who has already undergone penis enlargement surgery. It was not long before the patients and their doctors realized that the surgery actually was not needed by the patients in order to see the actual results of enlargement. And all this due to the stretching of the penis over a period of time.

How does it work?

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The purpose of the usage of a penis extender is that you will get larger, stronger and thicker penis over time. The pressure by the extender is applied over the penis’ shaft. All this traction forces your penis to open up tiny holes between its cells and also trigger the natural healing response of the human body. When this healing process gets triggered the adjacent cells start dividing and filling in the open spaces. Another plus of the penis extender is that you will be able to wear it discreetly right under your clothes. However, you should not try to wear it while you are sleeping even if you do put the tension amount on minimum. There are more good things to the penis extenders. Most of them are proven to work through clinical studies. However, you should search for devices which have the CE approval mark on them as they will offer you the results that you are seeking and at the same time will be 100% safe due to their approval from all the medical studies which were performed by highly respected urologists of world class. If you wear your penis extender device correctly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you will surely experience gains in length and thickness.

The motivation behind wanting a bigger penis is different for every guy. Maybe the wife wants a bigger penis, maybe it’s a matter of pride.

Ultimately, what your gains are going to be will be determined by the total amount of time you wear the device. The gains of the patients which were using the device for periods of time which were longer were a lot bigger.

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