Women Talk About Penis Size

If you think for second that women don’t compare and Judge Yours and other men’s penis size think again.  Women are as, if not, more sexual than men and are turned on or off by how a man looks when the clothes come off.

Yes, Women Talk About Penis Size.

Women Talk About Penis SizeHonestly what do you think a woman would rather see? A Full and Impressively Hung Man or a guy with small penis?  Of course the answer is simple:  a well Hung Man.  Give or take a few ponds men with a large penis will always look twice the man when compared to his ill equipped mates.  Even with the perfect beach body, if you fall short below the belt, she’s still going to be disappointed and left wanting.

So what penis size do women want? Let’s turn to some facts:what-penis-size-does-a-woman-want

In a 2008 study, conducted by the University of Texas-Pan American found that 90 percent of women surveyed stated that an Above Average Penis was Significant in Sexual Satisfaction.

Recent surveys suggest that women ultimately prefer girth over length.  So if you have a decent 7 and something inch penis all you need to be concerned with is how thick your organ is.

On average most men are 4.5 – 5.5 inches in girth.  Women typically say 6-6.5 inches in girth is the ideal penis size (with the 7-7.5 inch range being on the too big side)

There you have it, that is what 90% of women want from You.  If you’re above average (7 inches and over and 6 or more in circumference) then when women talk to their friends about you, you should have nothing to be self conscious about. Check out our Penis size comparison charts for info on averages.

If you want women to sing your praises or gasp with delight, then you may want to consider doing something to increase the size of your manhood, like the SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

Yes it is possible to increase the size of your penis.  You can Increase the Size by 3 Inches, which would make any one talk.

This isn’t accomplished by cheap tricks or fake pills.  Gaining inches in both length and girth is done through a Safe, Natural , Medically Approved (in Canada, the USA, the UK and the EU) and CE Certified means.

With the use of Size Genetics You Will Gain the Inches that will have women talking.  If you don’t already have the kind of penis women want, are self conscious or just want an Impressive Endowment, Check it out.

Don’t become the small dick joke that women use to laugh about you behind your back.

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